Vege-Freshness Farm
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How We Cultivate Our Vegetables

We cultivate our vegetables in their best optimal environment, using technology to control the temperature of the surroundings and acidity of the soil. Most importantly, there are 2 important steps that we take to produce organic and healthy vegetables.

Firstly, we make sure that the soil for the vegetables to grow in is in a suitable condition for the vegetables to grow healthily in, for example, pH of soil, necessary nutrients for crops to grow and how loose the soil is.

Secondly, we pay good amount of attention to the crops by watering them at a suitable time, mulching the soil to suppress weeds from growing as well as carefully handpick nasty pests to ensure that the vegetables we produce remain organic.

Health benefits of Eating Vegetables

By eating vegetables it can help us manage and prevent illness that will bring harm to our health. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. It helps us to improve our immune system and improve blood circulation.